How does it feel to grow up as a Black Muslim woman in France?

Fatima Adamou provides us with some answers in this autobiographical account set in the 1980s and 1990s.

Her story narrates the straightforward tale of how she studied her religion, Islam, and how she discovered the diversity of Muslims when she was a teenager, all the while facing challenges because of her skin colour.

Anyone interested in learning about French Muslims and their various legacies should read her narrative.

The Friday Reading, edited and presented by Fatima Adamou, containing The Cave Surah (Al-Kahf), Surah 18 from the Quran.

The reading of this Surah is recommended for Fridays; it has a great deal to offer as much for everyday life as for life in the hereafter. The first goal of this book is to facilitate the reading of the Al-Kahf Surah on that day, whether while travelling, between two meetings or quietly in your own home. The second is that, by writing the the book in French and English, understanding and reflecting on its contents should be accessible to all.